"Germany's Top Employers 2021": ElringKlinger ranked as best automotive supplier

ElringKlinger is considered one of the most popular employers in Germany and takes first spot among all automotive suppliers.

This is the outcome of a survey of more than 47,500 employees conducted by market research company Statista in cooperation with STERN magazine. The study encompassed more than 2,600 companies – with 500+ employees – from 24 sectors. In total, 650 companies made it into the ranking of Germany's top employers.

Emulating its performance in the previous year, ElringKlinger was again ranked among Germany's top 10 employers in the "Automotive and Suppliers" category. Boasting a total score of 77.03 points, ElringKlinger came in 6th overall, eclipsed only by automotive heavyweights BMW, Daimler, Porsche, Audi, and Volkswagen. At the same time, however, the company headquartered in Dettingen/Erms was considered the most popular employer among automotive suppliers. In the aggregate ranking that brings together all business sectors, ElringKlinger occupies 64th place.

"The fact that we were voted the most popular automotive supplier among employees is very encouraging and fills me with a sense of pride. Our employees identify strongly with our company. Together, we have effectively tackled the covid-19 crisis so far and are now determined to put all our effort into shaping the future of mobility," said CEO Dr. Stefan Wolf when asked to comment on the result of the survey.

In total, more than 47,500 employees participated in the online survey. They were recruited by professional market research firms in order to ensure an independent study. The company at which the respondents were employed as well as other companies in the sector were evaluated as part of the survey. The evaluation provided by the company's own employees and the industry employees were each accounted for in the final result on the basis of a 50 percent weighting. The results were then converted into a score between zero and 100. The questionnaire on the respondents' own company included more than 50 topics, the crucial question being aimed at whether one would recommend the employer to friends or family members.

The survey took place between June 17 and July 13, 2020. Thus, the study was conducted in the period between the first and the second wave of covid-19. Against this backdrop, respondents were able to take their employer's crisis management into account as part of their assessment.

The complete employer ranking was published in STERN magazine on January 21, 2021 (issue 04/2021).