Why Elring?

Elring – Das Original

  • A byword for sound experience in sealing technology for more than 140 years
  • OE expertise by ElringKlinger AG – approved supplier and technology leader for the global automobile industry
  • Elring spare parts in OEM quality
  • Wide product range worldwide
  • High-end gasket sets tailored to the respective engine repair
  • Item data and additional information in online catalog and on TecDoc
  • Market-driven range of spare parts for cars and commercial vehicles
  • Installation videos available online
  • Free technical service hotline: +49 7123 724-799



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Cylinder-head gaskets – solutions for all requirements

Cylinder-head gaskets help ensure that engines run efficiently, safely, and economically. Whether you need Metaloflex™ metal layer, metal-elastomer, or metal/soft material cylinder-head gaskets, Elring offers all designs tailored to the respective engine requirements

Cylinder-head bolt sets for 100% reliability

For professional cylinder-head repairs, Elring not only offers cylinder-head gaskets but also the matching cylinder-head bolt sets in certified quality for almost all cars and commercial vehicles and packed in a special box with thread protection.

Auxiliary seals – flexible sealing systems for all applications

For a wide range of sealing jobs in engines, gearboxes, exhaust gas systems, and auxiliaries, Elring offers suitable special-purpose seals optimized to requirements: seals for oil pans, intake and exhaust manifolds, water pumps, compressors, turbo-chargers, gearboxes, and axles.

Rotary shaft seals (oil seals) and valve stem rings

Elring offers rotary shaft seals and valve stem seals, some with sensor, in various designs, materials, and sizes for engines, transmission, and axles – and of course to certified quality standards.

Gasket sets – complete and ready to hand

For full and partial overhauls of engines, gearboxes, and other assemblies, Elring offers a comprehensive range for car and truck engines. High-end gasket sets tailored to the respective field of engine repair, e.g., full sets (S), cylinder head sets (ES), conversion sets for crank casing (CS), water pump sets (WPS), transmission sets (GSM).

Sealing compounds for a lasting seal

Whether they are being used for cars, trucks, motor bikes, vintage cars, racing or water sports, wherever components have to be reliably sealed, Elring offers an extensive range of solutions that have proven effective in practice millions of times.

Assorted seal packs – a practical and proven solution

Our market-focused, easy-to-use assorted seal packs include sealing rings and valve stem seals in a wide range of designs and dimensions, so that you always have everything you need to hand.