Sealing compounds

Maintaining a tight seal – whatever happens

Regardless of what you are faced with, our high-performance compounds are engineered to provide an ultra-tight seal. Whether car, commercial vehicle, motorcycle, or vintage car (or motor racing and water sports), Elring offers an extensive range of products for professional component sealing – used millions of times around the globe. These high-performance sealing compounds have proven their worth in professional and do-it-yourself applications.

You find our current sealing compounds here.

Technical and safety data sheets

The permanently-elastic, temperature-resistant sealing compound

Dirko™ HT beige

PDF: Dirko™ HT beige

Dirko™ transparent

PDF: Dirko™ transparent

Permanently-elastic, temperature-resistant, high-performance sealing compound from a pressurized can

Dirko™ HT ProfiPress

PDF: Dirko™ HT ProfiPress

The non-hardening, temperature-resistant sealing compound

The anaerobic surface seal

Threadlocker EL-Loc 43 | EL-Loc 70


Joint connection EL-Add 48 


Thread sealant EL-Fil 77