Metal-elastomer CHG Technology

For unbeatable sealing performance.

Metal-elastomer cylinder-head gaskets from ElringKlinger are tailor-made, robust and durable sealing systems consisting of metal carriers with vulcanised elastomer profiles.


Metal-elastomer CHG expertise.

Elastomer sealing lips

These are responsible for providing a coolant and oil seal. The material and geometry are adapted to each particular engine.

Combustion chamber base layer

The combustion chamber base layer is a design element which serves to increase the sealing pressure at the combustion chamber. The bolt force is thus transferred to the combustion chamber in a controlled manner.

Full bead

This creates homogeneous sealing pressure along the edge of the combustion chamber.


The flow cross-sections can be regulated by way of vulcanised diaphragms to control the coolant flow.

Carrier layer

Together with the combustion chamber bead, this determines the installation thickness and the gas seal. Use is made of corrosion-proof steels, micro-alloyed steels, stainless steel or spring steel depending on engine requirements.

The basis for the outstanding performance is the specific distribution of sealing pressure in the area of the engine block/cylinder-head: High sealing pressure in the combustion chamber area - low sealing pressure in the fluid area.

The metal-elastomer cylinder-head gasket is the premium sealing technique for high-performance engines in the commercial vehicle sector. For innovative drive concepts with four-valve technology and new injection systems. The metal-elastomer cylinder-head gasket is absolutely reliable even under the toughest conditions: Ignition pressures of up to 250 bar, engine power outputs in excess of 2,000 kW and engine mileages of more than 1,500,000 kilometres present no problems.


Metal-elastomer cylinder-head gasket