Company History

Elring – Das Original

ElringKlinger can look back on over 136 years of company history. Over time, a lot has happened: Our product portfolio expanded, new locations were established and other companies were taken over. Take a look at our history.


With 45 plants worldwide, the ElringKlinger Group is represented in 21 countries
(traditional automotive markets)


ElringKlinger acquires the remaining 10% interest in Elring Parts Ltd., United Kingdom, thus becoming the sole owner of this company, which operates in the aftermarket sector


130th anniversary of ElringKlinger AG and move to MDAX


Merger of ElringKlinger GmbH with the parent company ZWL Grundbesitz- und Beteiligungs-AG, change of name to ElringKlinger AG and quotation on SDAX


Merger of Elring GmbH with the Automotive sector of Richard Klinger GmbH to form ElringKlinger GmbH


Richard Klinger sets up a design workshop in Vienna


Paul Lechler sets up a trading company for technical articles in Stuttgart (later to become Elring GmbH)